How to Check the Status of your Trademark Application Online in India

After you have filed for the Trademark Registration Application with the Registrar of Trademarks, India, you are provided with an Application Number. For Example purpose, we have taken our own brand name’s application number – 2911490.

This is a unique number allotted to your trademark application which will help you obtain all the required information regarding your application from the Registrar’s E-Register. It will help you understand the current status of your application along with the details of any notice, correspondence or status change provided by the Registrar against your application.

Below is the detailed process to check this status on the Registrar’s E-Register Portal.

To access the E-Register, visit the following link:

Once you visit this page, the following layout will appear. You should follow the instructions mentioned in the images to check the status of your trademark application online on the E-Register:

Step 1

Trademar Status

Step 2

Trademar Status

Step 3

Trademar Status

Step 4

Trademar Status

Step 5

Trademar Status

If the status of your application is anything else but ‘Registered’ please contact us immediately by filling the form provided on the below link. We will help you understand your current status and what measures need to be taken to get the application processed.