About Us


Thank you for taking the interest in knowing about us. We are most happy to tell you our story!

SunBrio which means the sun’s energy was first adopted to suit the renewables energy business. You can check it out on www.sunbrio.in if you may be interested in our solar energy product line. We are a team of experienced professionals in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. We first got experience in this field when we trademarked our own brand name ‘SunBrio’ successfully. Later we helped a lot of our friends and family to get trademarks for their businesses and products giving rise to this business.

Since 2013, we have been serving clients from all over India and abroad to get their IPR registrations in India. We have helped in creating the awareness for the need of having IPR registrations for any business in India. Having experience in this field helped us gain the real importance of IPR, and how not having it can drastically affect one’s chances of success in the field of business in India.

Lots of our competitors have ventured into different streams after adopting IPR Registration services, but we have stuck mainly to IPR as we would not want to be the jack of all trades, but king of none. Instead, we have dedicated our efforts to knowing as much as possible in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in India, and thus our clients often tell us that they have received new information from us regarding this field which has helped them make decisions easily.

Kindly visit the service pages and fill the form to let us help you! We provide FREE consultation services. You can thus judge from our pool of knowledge wheather to avail the service from us or not later!