Documentation Required for Applying for Registration of a Trademark in India

As per the Trademark Rules 2017, any document attached or presented in support of the application shall be printed in Hindi or in English with legible letters. But what are the documents required and how can you prepare them?

We have provided a perfect list with their common formats which are open for anybody to use for their own trademark applications. Thank us later.

The first and most important document required for filing the trademark registration application if filed by an attorney or agent is the Power of Attorney. It is the document wherein the applicant authorizes the attorney/agent to represent on his behalf while filing the trademark application. Without this document the registrar will not accept the application if filed by the attorney or agent and will result in the status of ‘Formality Check Fail’. This document need not be notarized and can be printed on an Rs 500/- stamp paper.

The following is the default format of a Power of Attorney:

Form TM - 48

While filing the trademark application, you will come across a column which asks you to input the user detail information. What is asking is to feed the date since when you have been using the brand name which you seek to get registered with the registry. Kindly note that this section is only for applicant’s who have been using their brand names prior to the application being filed. When you put any date in this column, you have to attach a supporting affidavit for the application to get accepted. The below format provides the format for this important document. If no affidavit is attached, then there is a chance that the application will be failed for formalities check stage. This document needs to be notarized and printed on an Rs 100/- stamp paper.

Trademark User Affidavit

These are the two main documents required while filing the trademark application. There are a lot of other documents which you will require later as the application proceeds. For further assistance contact us or fill the form on any of our service pages.