Documents required for Copyright Registration in India

The copyright office of India, located in Delhi has stated certain documents which need to be submitted along with your copyright application made online on its portal –

These documents differ as per the application made but the most commonly required document is the Power of Attorney Format. This document authorizes the attorney to file for and do the required compliance on your behalf while getting the trademark registered. It needs to be printed on a Rs 100/- stamp paper, signed by the applicant and provided in original as well as digital format to the copyright office of India. The format is as follows:

Power of attorney

Apart from this document, the following list of documents is required:

  • Form XIV – Application for Registration of Copyright
  • Statement of Particulars
  • Statement of Further Particulars

The above forms provide a Diary Number which is associated with your trademark applications. They are obtained after the online filing of your copyright application is done through the copyright office portal. Two copies of each document need to be sent along with other documents.

Now, comes the most important thing to send with all the earlier mentioned documents to the Copyright office. This is – 2 copies of the work being copyrighted. May it be a book, or a software which needs to be put into CD format and sent or anything tangible that needs to be copyrighted.

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